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Welcome to my private page. I’ve created this page to share some thoughts and projects. On this page you will also find some information about my work experiences and skills, but even more you will find information about my little side projects and ideas – current and past.
I am project manager and team lead in the software industry. With more than ten years’ experience in the field of software engineering I love to deliver solutions that help making my customers more productive and thus keep them happy. I love getting things done and improving my work every day.
I would like to get in touch with you to share ideas and to discuss. Please feel free to reach out to me.

Latest Projects

Rapid Prototyping with Angular

Angular has become the must use frontend framework in web development. I use it in many of my web development and in some of my mobile app development projects. But I use Angular nor only for productive projects, but also for rapid prototyping. I was asked to introduce this method in this year’s WDC conference . . . . . .

Measure plant grow

This article I originally published on hackster.io and it was featured there. You can find the source code on GitHub. I was impressed to see how plants grow and I was asking myself if I could measure or visualize this. There are several methods to measure plants growth but nearly all of them require to . . . . . .

Gender Gap – A Status Quo

All around Europe we celebrate the 20th of March as Equal Pay Day. On this day we want to raise awareness for the fact that in many countries all around the world women are still paid less than men. Actually, the 20th of March aka Equal Pay Day is the date women start earning money . . . . . .

Getting Things Done

People say I am a determined and organized person. For self-organisation I use aspects of the Getting Things Done Method (GTD) by David Allen. I recently was invited to talk about this topic at the BPW Bremen and other companies. I really enjoy these conversations because you can exchange ideas and thus improve yourself. You . . . . . .

Learning Maschine Learning

In the past, I did many Business Intelligence projects in the field of healthcare. In those kind of projects it is very uncommon to use techniques of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, because business stakeholders have their own methods and procedures to deal with data. In a population based cancer registry for instance the active . . . . . .

Local Meetup group for Microsoft .Net Developers

In 2005 I co-founded and am still co-leading the.NET User Group Oldenburg/Bremen. It’s a local meetup for Microsoft .Net developers. Here we talk about the latest improvements within the Microsoft platform, exchange experiences and share best practices. Our goal is to connect developers related to the Microsoft technology stack within the north-west of Germany. We . . . . . .

Find your movies on TV

Based on new services like Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTube I stopped watching regular linear TV and sometimes missed good movies on free TV. Therefore I created this service called filmefindenlassen.de a website which searches for the IMDB Top 250 and my favourite movies on German TV. In regular updates the service searches the German . . . . . .

Other Projects

Automatic Model Driven Analytical Information Systems

In my PhD I developed an approach for improving the creation of analytical information systems. In this approach I applied software engineering principles to the creation of data warehouses. In particular I used a Model Driven Software Development (MDSD) and Software Language Engineering approach for describing and generating Analytical Information system. I combined different languages . . . . . .

Lecture at female summer university

I love to teach and share my knowledge with others. In 2014 I was invited to teach at Informatica Feminale in Bremen which is an annual summer university for female computer scientists. My lecture was about modern data analytics and data sciences. The participants had a broad background, some were students and some were already . . . . . .

Work Experience

Founder and CTO at erminas – erminas Gmbh (2007 – present)

Together with Hilmar Bunjes I am founder of erminas GmbH. erminas is an Oldenburg based software team of experts which focus on Industrial Internet of Things and Emterprise Applications. My current role is CTO

Teamlead Web Development – sitrion (2014 – 2016)

At sitrion our goal is to make people more productive in their jobs. We deliver enterprise mobile solution and HR self-services based on SAP. Currently I am working in the service department where – together with my team – my role is to make our multiple international customers happy by delivering custom and standard solutions for them. This includes the complete project life and customer life cycle.

Senior Software Engineer- Adesso AG (2012 – 2014)

At adesso AG I was working as Senior Enterprise Business Intelligence consultant where I successfully operated for minor and major companies within Germany (also called Mittelstand/medium-sized business ). Most of the projects were related to the healthcare sector in which I was involved in consulting, planning and realizing enterprise BI projects. Mostly I worked with Microsoft BI stack (SSIS, SSAS, SQL Server, Reporting Services and PowerBi).

Research Assistant – OFFIS (2012 – 2013)

At OFFIS I worked as a research assistant in the group of data management and analytics in the health sector. I was involved in the development and architecture of a data analysis platform that enables complex statistical computations on geographical data such as OLAP Analysis. The platform was used for different customers in the field of public health, as for instance in population based cancer registers.

Next to that I was able to give lectures at the University of Oldenburg in the field of data warehousing and data science. I also supervised students in their bachelor and master degrees.